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LBC Crochet Contest Highlights - Little Bear Crochets

LBC Crochet Contest Highlights

From June through August we hosted the Little Bear Crochets crochet contest. It was a wonderful time in which we received so many of your adorable pictures! At the start of September three winners were chosen. You can read all about them in this blog post here. In this blog post we’d like to shine a light on the other entries that we have received. They have put a smile on our faces and we hope they’ll brighten your day too! The Playing Cats One of the most popular entries turned out to be for our free playing cats pattern....

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Little Bear Crochets Crochet Contest 2019 Winner

LBC Contest 2019 Winners

After three months of frenzied crocheting, the contest has come to an end. And what a contest it was: we received more than 70 valid entries! Thank you for entering! Most entries were sent to us in the first and in the very last week of the three month period of the contest. It seems like most of you were either very enthusiastic or had a tendency to procrastinate –or both! 😉 Here at Little Bear Crochets headquarters it took a while to pick three winners. We were delighted to see all of you wonderful amigurumis and creative pictures. After...

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LBC’s Crochet Contest! - Little Bear Crochets

LBC’s Crochet Contest!

UPDATE: THE CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED. THE WINNERS HAVE BEEN ANNOUNCED HERE! It’s time for a crochet contest! Whether you’re in the northern hemisphere and are getting ready to crochet on your summer holiday, or whether you’re in the southern hemisphere and you’re turning to your favorite amigurumi activity to make it through your winter holiday… one thing always remains true: the upcoming three months are a perfect excuse to give yourself the time to crochet. Here at Little Bear Crochets we’re hosting a crochet contest from June 1st until August 31st. Within these three months you are challenged to...

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