About Us


I started my journey of crocheting in 2010, after encountering a beautiful pattern book filled with amigurumi designs. Online patterns, along with many guides, books, and videos, slowly improved my skills.

In 2015 I started designing my own full-size plush animals for the first time: the TALL animals series. That same year I started a pattern company called Little Bear Crochets and began to publish and sell amigurumi patterns. The pattern inventory and website content has slowly expanded ever since.

Designing is hard work (seriously! *massages wrists*), but it’s great fun and it makes me happy. There are many creatures living inside my imagination, and I’m working hard to get them all into PDFs for everyone to enjoy.

Feel free to browse around! All my amigurumi patterns are digital, which means that you will receive a digital file (in PDF format) to download after your payment.

Happy crocheting!

Amigurumi Crochets Patterns from the Little Bear Crochets Tall Series