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How to Embroider on Amigurumi - Little Bear Crochets

How to Embroider on Amigurumi

You’re almost done with your amigurumi, but there is one task left: you decide to embroider some of the details of your toy. Oh no! At the beginning of my crafting life, I always dreaded stitching the little amigurumi faces, especially the mouths. Over the years, I’ve picked up on some handy tips and tricks that helped me along. I will share these with you today. Material All you’ll need for your embroidery adventure is a needle and some thread. I personally prefer an embroidery needle (with a sharp point) over a tapestry needle (with a blunt point) for this....

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How to Start with Amigurumi - Little Bear Crochets

How to Start with Amigurumi

You’ve probably seen cute, small, handmade toys popping up in your social media feeds every now and then. These awesome little guys are called amigurumi dolls. Amigurumi is the Japanese art of creating tiny plushies through crocheting in continuous rounds. In some definitions it also includes small (or large) dolls made by knitting and even other yarn crafts. To be honest, there are no official restrictions, you can be as creative as you are. Even though amigurumi dolls originate from Asia, their cute faces have taken the world by storm. Their popularity has grown since we entered the 21st century,...

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How to Personalize an Amigurumi Pattern - Little Bear Crochets

How to Personalize an Amigurumi Pattern

If you love amigurumi, I can probably guess this: you have a folder on your computer or on your desk, stuffed to the brim with more patterns than you could ever make in your life! Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone, I’m guilty of this myself as well. Despite having such a variety of patterns to choose from, sometimes you just don’t know what to make or how to make use of all these patterns you already own. Hopefully this blog post can give you some ideas. I aim to show you how you can get the most out of...

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