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What Materials Do I Use?

I started crocheting about ten years ago, and I began my pattern shop Little Bear Crochets in 2015. In those years since my very first amigurumi I have tried to work with a lot of different types of materials. Some I liked and some I didn’t. In today’s post I will give you a rundown of all the materials that I consistently use at this moment for my everyday projects and for pattern designing. These materials are in no way a ‘must’ if you want to crochet or design amigurumi, these are simply my preferences! However, for those of you...

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Just Married! - Little Bear Crochets

Just Married!

The two people behind Little Bear Crochets got married today! 👫 😄 We had a wonderful day, although unfortunately all of our crocheted plush friends couldn't attend the wedding. 😂

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