Little Bear Crochets Crochet Contest 2019 Winner

LBC Contest 2019 Winners

After three months of frenzied crocheting, the contest has come to an end. And what a contest it was: we received more than 70 valid entries! Thank you for entering! Most entries were sent to us in the first and in the very last week of the three month period of the contest. It seems like most of you were either very enthusiastic or had a tendency to procrastinate –or both! 😉

Here at Little Bear Crochets headquarters it took a while to pick three winners. We were delighted to see all of you wonderful amigurumis and creative pictures. After much discussion we limited the pile of entries to the ten that we liked best, and then after some more thought we were able to reduce (with difficulty) them to the winning three.

First Place

Little Bear Crochets Crochet Contest 2019 Winner

Our first winner is @Julia_Norden on Instagram. Her entry caught our eye immediately. What a fun concept! The mini giraffe is taking a tour in a hot air balloon –where are they going? The colors that were used are very pretty and match nicely together. It must have been a lot of trouble to take that picture, but well worth it. Congratulations!

Second Place

Little Bear Crochets Crochet Contest 2019 Second Place

The second winner is made by @dorien.vdl on Instagram. Dorien sent us several lovely entries, so it was difficult to pick our favorite one. This fox is well crafted: the stitches are very neat, the sewing together of the body pieces is flawless, and the plush is stuffed really well! And what a cute picture idea, what’s Fox crafting? Preparing for winter with a new scarf? Congratulations!

Third Place

Little Bear Crochets Crochet Contest 2019 Third Place

Our third winner is @kleinaberjoho on Instagram. All of her entries were creative, cute and pretty. But we fell hard for these cows taking a walk together –watch out! What an adorable couple of plushies, and we loved the background of the picture. Where will their next stroll take place? Congratulations!

All three winners will receive all of Little Bear Crochets’s patterns and a pattern subscription for life. Thank you once again for entering, it gave us much joy! Keep your eyes peeled, for we will publish another post soon with all sorts of noticeable entries that unfortunately didn’t reach the top three, but that impress us.

Did you enjoy participating as well? Would you like to see another contest in the future? Let me know on social media. 🙂

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