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LBC’s Crochet Contest!


It’s time for a crochet contest! Whether you’re in the northern hemisphere and are getting ready to crochet on your summer holiday, or whether you’re in the southern hemisphere and you’re turning to your favorite amigurumi activity to make it through your winter holiday… one thing always remains true: the upcoming three months are a perfect excuse to give yourself the time to crochet.
Here at Little Bear Crochets we’re hosting a crochet contest from June 1st until August 31st. Within these three months you are challenged to crochet any toy from any Little Bear Crochets pattern and to send in a beautiful picture of it. It’s that easy!

What can you win?

  • Three winners will receive all of Little Bear Crochets’s patterns and a pattern subscription! This means that anytime a new pattern is released, you will receive it in your email on release day, free of any cost, for as long as LBC continues to release patterns!
  • Fun, noticeable, cute, special, original, beautiful, or any eye-catching entries will be featured in a blog post on after the contest has ended. They also have a chance of appearing (with credits given) on any on my social media platforms.
  • Did you send in a picture of a particularly beautifully crafted plush? I might ask you to become a pattern tester in the future if you’d like that.

How can you join?

  • Crochet a plushie from any Little Bear Crochets’s patterns. This can be a paid or a free pattern, but it must be a pattern written and published by Little Bear Crochets. You can find all patterns at . You can crochet a new plush, or you can use a plush that you’ve crocheted earlier in your life.
  • After you’ve crocheted your plush, take a picture of it! The prettier and more original the picture, the better! Not only will we evaluate the quality of the amigurumi, but also the picture.
  • Post your picture on social media between June 1st until August 31st and notify us of your post by emailing the link to info [at] littlebearcrochets [dot] com ! Important: it has to be a new post! Anyone on any social media platform can join, it doesn’t matter if you have posted your picture on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or somewhere else. Be sure to use the hashtags #contestLBC and #littlebearcrochets somewhere in your post. After, just email me the link so I can be sure that I’ve seen it and put you on the entry list. 🙂 I will also reply your email with a confirmation that you have officially entered the contest!
  • You submit as many entries as you’d like. However, every amigurumi plush can only enter once. So for every entry, you would have to show a new plush with a new picture.

LBC Crochet contest minis on the ground


Want to join in, but inspiration hasn’t struck you yet? Here are some tips to get you started!

  • Browse the patterns in the pattern store at . There are big patterns, small patterns, and even free patterns. Which one speaks to you the most?
  • What yarn have you been dying to use on a cool project? Don’t be shy, just use it! Bears don’t always have to be brown, you can use any yarn type and color that you love.
  • Not sure where to take your picture? Try going outside, what are some awesome scenes around you? Maybe your crocheted cow would love to chill in the grass, or you might want to show off your holiday location with your crocheted cat!

The contest will close on Sunday the 31st of August at 23:59 pm CEST.

The winners will be announced in September. Good luck to everyone!

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